Friday, May 01, 2009

Emerging Technology Solutions by NetTECH

Since 1991, the NetTECH Systems team has always been successful in assisting clients to leverage emerging technologies. Our partner blog iTechSpeak provides the nitty gritty details on the human side of technology.

Some of the emerging technology tools and resources NetTECH specializes in are:

Video Email

Social Media, Networks and Blogging

Power Marketing Toolbar Technology (clients)
ETP Network, LISTA, Savvy Intrapreneur

Resource Matching for Business Project Success


Monday, May 05, 2008

Doing More with Less?

Staff are being asked to do more with less resources. Despite several variables that may be impacting your business, the work still needs to be done. So companies are still looking to hire qualified staff. This creates a dilemma, because many more people are currently in the job market. The big question is how do we minimize the time it takes to sift through all the clutter of resumes for accomplishing the simple task of identifying appropriate resources, just for an interview?

Consider engaging a company that actually teaches job candidates how to properly market their skills, at no cost to you. Imagine job seekers that present their resume to you with a 70% or better value proposition, which saves you time. How about not having to read a resume to determine whether a person is what your company requires. Wouldn't it finally be nice to read a succinctly written cover letter which quickly makes your job easy in identifying a serious candidate or 2. Now you contact the candidate for an interview and then read their resume for the finer details of their skills.

This may sound like a dream, but NetTECH Systems actually provides this quality service, in association with Rod Colon & Associates, LLC. Our experienced business career coaches combine a savvy business background with solid human resources and recruiting expereince. We only work with career professionals willing to participate in our job search 2.0 continuing education program. This exponentially raises the bar to ensure companies receive added value services, while job candidates spend much less time exploring opportunities. This is win-win-win at its finest.

Leave a comment to request more details.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

March 11, 2007 Starts Daylight Savings and Maybe Some Technology Issues

Our strategic partner blog iTechSpeak has the details regarding proactive suggestions to prepare for March 11, 2007 starting daylights savings time a few weeks early.

If you your organization requires assistance in developing a plan of action for DST 2007 system (computers, copiers, cell phones, etc.) changes, please contact NetTECH Systems at .

On Monday August 8, 2005 President Bush signed into law a broad energy bill (Energy Policy Act of 2005) that will extend Daylight Saving Time by four weeks in 2007. Read more . . .

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Strategic Partnership with

With the current volatile business climate, the rules have changed in developing win-win relationships between client and vendor. Creative solutions are not enough. High quality customer service is not enough. To insure effective client relationship management, active strategic partnerships make all the difference in the bottom line of both entities. Businesses that position their services as extended resources to clients makes all the difference in how long a relationship will last. recently engaged
NetTECH to provide technology consulting services. Although is a startup organization with a very unique business model, NetTECH's 10 year business relationship with its Founder, Frank Mannarino, positioned us as technology vendor of choice. Frank's vision and business savvy has established him with a solid track record for success in other organizations. Since Frank "walks the walk" with his ability to deftly combine relationship management and extended team resources, and NetTECH look forward to a very successful strategic partnership.

Taking an active interest in a client's business success makes all the difference between ordinary and extraordinary results through "active" strategic partnerships . Under promise and over deliver.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Snippets by iTechSpeak March 11, 2006

Update on the latest technology happenings this past week, from NetTECH consultants assigned to our strategic partner blog site iTechSpeak.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Snippets by iTechSpeak - March 4, 2006

Update on the latest technology happenings this past week, from NetTECH consultants assigned to our strategic partner blog site iTechSpeak.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Communication Makes or Breaks

This past week we started a new project, which involves 4 different companies on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. We have a small, but important role of a very large information technology implementation project. NetTECH has been hired to manage and implement a migration strategy from Microsoft Exchange to IBM Lotus Notes/Domino.

It has been very impressive seeing the professional, succinct and thoughtful communication by all members on the team. The flurry of 40-50 follow up emails, right after a couple of very productive conference calls, insured everyone was on the same page. At the bottom of his conference call reminders, the project manager writes "so no balls get dropped". It strikes me as a powerful statement. Effective communication can make or break the success of any organization.

A project of this magnitude epitomizes effective communication, with obvious professional consideration being given to include team members who are 6 hours ahead of team members in the Eastern United States.

It is equally important to insure the end users of computer technology are included in system implementation communications. Getting "buy in" from end users is directly proportional to the perceived success of any technology implementation. The earlier end users are included in communications, the less teeth gnashing will occur at the desktop level. This is especially important, when technology users have to be interrupted from their daily work, for software installations on their PC. Keeping end users in the communication loop also facilitates better understanding from them, when system outages occur.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Track-It! Upgrade a Success

This past week our team successfully upgraded an installation of Track-It! version 6.5 to 7.0 for a client. Over the last couple of years we have run the helpdesk for this client, using Track-It!. The Crystal Reports program bundled with Track-It!, by Business Objects, has had senior management going gaga in keeping their finger on the pulse of the bottom line with the cost of providing IT helpdesk services to 2,000+ international computer users.

The beauty of the upgrade was watching
Track-It! 7.0 migrate version 6.5 data (i.e. users, technicians, work orders etc.), in a seamless fashion. The icing on the cake was being able to push the client technician and agent manager down to the staff desktops. This dramatically cut down on time previoulsy required to visit PC desktops.

With more clients requesting implementations of
Track-It!, we will be requiring some of our consultants to acquire Track-It! administrator certification.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Written and Reported by:
LA Reid, Senior NetTECH Consultant

The fans are really going to get their monies worth, though no one has predicted an early knockout. The smart money is on Microsoft over powering Symantec in the late rounds, after what is anticipated to be a fierce battle of wills.

This fight is scheduled for 12 rounds of boxing under the rules of the unified boxing committee.

Rule Number One: Everything Goes

Scoring will be conducted by: Well, everyone.

Round one beings with Microsoft delivering a punishing assault. Symantec’s back is up against the ropes and appears unprepared for the blistering beating it's taking this early in the bout.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Vendors are Strategic Partners

Wikipedia appears to give a thorough definition of strategic partnership. Part of the definition says it's an alliance between 2 parties to create a specialized new product. The word "product" brings to mind something tangible we can touch. Service can also be considered a product.

Vendors can be considered strategic partners, if they add that extra touch of excellence to their services. This means going above and beyond what may be called for in the "scope of work". Similar to a personal relationship, it's the little things that add value.

In a article "
Choosing Partners that Really Partner" by Lisa H. Buksbaum, she writes "Once you've done the right analysis, ponder the following questions: What's your gut feeling about the partner you're considering? Is there synergy? Is there a natural fit in terms of values, integrity, and personality? Do your potential partners "get it"? That is, do they have a solid understanding of your objectives and goals, and are they genuinely excited about joining forces for an alliance?"

Successful consulting companies understand each client is a potential referral to several new business opportunities. This minimizes sales and marketing costs. As a vendor, they want their client to consider each entity as a strategic partner.

Becoming a strategic partner is very easy and costs almost nothing. To be valued as a strategic partner, the questions to be answered are :

1. Does the vendor's actions throughout a project show a "vested" interest in a long term relationship?
Vendor staff who use the pronouns "we" "us" and "ours" usually perpetuate more team spirit throughout the organization.

2. Does the vendor go the extra mile in continuously presenting low cost, high impact solutions to business problems?
Vendors putting out their hand to be paid for every little suggestion or solution won't last long as strategic partners.

3. Does the vendor stay connected (phone calls, emails, newsletters etc) long after a project is over?
This is usually an excellent acid test of how much a vendor is really a strategic partner.

4. Does the vendor present themselves as a resource extension to the particular department that engages their services? Even a temporary placement agency that has temp staff in a mailroom, is providing resources that augment that department's effectiveness. The same holds true for consulting companies.

5. Does the vendor leverage or refer their network of vendors, partners or clients to help a current client solve unrelated business problems?
A resource referral provides more trust and value in any relationship. This provides clients with the best bang for their dollar. Referrals save the client time and money. This proves a serious committment for a long term relationship, even if the vendor does not benefit financially.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Do Your Homework - Ask for References

Today one (1) of our team members were at a potential client's office. They were looking for a consulting company to help them implement a helpdesk system. It was a very comfortable and productive meeting. During a friendly exchange of problems and solutions we presented, the IT manager nonchalantly requested a list of references.

To us, a client asking for references is a compliment. We are leery of a client that does not ask for references. Checking references gives everyone a "warm an fuzzy" feeling.

We always provide unsolicited references. This means we do not call previous clients and business associates, in advance.
There is no doubt our references will be taken aback. This approach allows potential clients to receive objective feedback on NetTECH's past performance.

Always get at least 3-5 references from any [consulting] company you are considering as a business partner.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Executive Bulletin: Sold on SOA

It's the hot technology for most large companies, but business, technical and cultural issues must be addressed for a successful SOA implementation. Get the whole story, from the big picture to the how-to-do-it details, in this Executive Bulletin.

Computerworld's Executive Bulletin, "Sold on SOA," explains why CIOs are excited about service-oriented architectures, which have the potential to reduce IT costs, improve business and IT agility, increase software asset reuse, orchestrate business processes based on reusable "services," and ultimately replace the proprietary IT integration model that proliferated in the 1990s with a lower-cost, standards-based SOA approach to enterprise integration. The report also details the challenges that CIOs face in completing a successful implementation. For example, SOA is an IT discipline that requires proper strategy and planning, a new governance model that involves the IT and business organization, a new architecture model and development process, and new technology solutions to be able to realize these potential benefits.

Read more . . .

Friday, December 16, 2005

CRM Improves the Bottom Line with Helpdesk

Customer relationship management (CRM) is crucial to maintaining and expanding business market share. A help desk is the life line between a business and their customers in developing quality CRM. Hiring a business analyst, will insure a successful implementation of your helpdesk. They can help sift through the plethora of help desk hardware requirements and software applications and negotiate with vendors for solutions which provide the biggest bang for the budget. A business analyst will also provide a long term strategic solution, in addition the a project plan for helpdesk implmentation.

The benefits of implementing a help desk system include:

* Improving the face of the organization through quality Customer Support
* Customer referrals are directly proportionaly to quality Customer Service
* Effecient Service order and Project Tracking
* Proatively address customer concerns, before problems arise
* Historical tracking of Customer issues
* Use helpdesk customer database as a marketing tool for business expansion

Click here to read some case studies by companies who implemented a helpdesk

Help desk applications can reduce call center business expenses by 20 percent or more.

* Primary cost savings are seen from help desk automation of company workflow.
* Active trouble tickets are easier to enter with the new help desk software. Tickets are automatically routed to the appropriate support agent.
* Assigned workflow frees up customer support agents and customer calls are answered more quickly.
* Today's help desk applications can resolve 80 percent of support or service calls in under one minute.

A reliable help desk solution is a fundamental core of successful customer relationship management. Selecting the right help desk and support tracking software is critical. The right solution will save a call center multi-thousands of dollars in customer support costs, function for years to come, and provide your business with cutting edge CRM software for obtaining and retaining customers.
What is a Help Desk?

A call center help desk system organizes reports on, and manages customer service and support issues. The help desk is an integral part of customer service since it brings all of a business's resources together to address a customer need. Help desk users may be internal or external. Therefore the software functions are critical for both internal management and superior customer support.

What are the Functions of a Help Desk Application?

* Advanced helpdesk technology allows support departments to record, track and resolve support requests in a controlled environment.
* Web based help desk solutions enhance the ecommerce and provide after sale support.
* The software records all actions in the sales and support process.
* A software knowledge base exists for past calls/ web contacts providing historical customer data for improved future CRM.
* Audit trails can be visibly documented on all issues and contacts.
* The system identifies support/ service issue trends and improves customer contact re. services and products.
* A logging system containing all support requests, enabling management to review employee help desks performance in managing customer care.

Help Desk software solutions can be deployed on either client networks, client/server systems or a remote web host. Thorough project documentation with customization needs will ensure a smooth launch of your new help desk system. Outline all customized functions such as the defining of user screen elements and call center agent workflow distribution.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Good Help is Hard to Find

When selecting a consulting company make sure you are comfortable with their business practices. Any consulting company that is in business to make money, usually falls very short on service. Thier focus is always going to be on billable time. Companies who focus on providing valuable services, which achieve client driven results, will always be more effective to your bottom line.

Identifying true problems that can be handed over to consultants for resolution, will provide the best results for your organization. Beware of consultants who are constantly inventing projects just to maintain a perceived value of their time.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Blackberry Handheld; Is it a PDA or PC?

Blackberrys are fast becoming the mobile productivity tool of choice. They have been embraced by major corporations as well as the U.S. Senate and Congress Members. If a notebook computer is being carried around to surf the Internet, check email, schedule appointments and keep track of contacts, then a Blackberry is an all-in-one powerful mobile device with cell phone features.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Small Appliance BIG Protection

Worried about security threats to your computer network, but don't have the budget for enterprise-priced solutions or the staff to maintain them? Then we need to talk ASAP. SNAP VPN is a cost effective appliance which includes a firewall, anti-virus scanning using Trend Micro's scan engine, intrusion detection and prevention capabilities, content filtering, and remote and site-to-site VPN using SSL.

A Perfect Fit for Small to Medium Businesses
After the initial investment in the appliance the "total cost of ownership" is just a fractional yearly service fee which covers anti-virus and signature updates, content filtering updates, software and/or firmware updates, and support.

It costs nothing to take a look at a "single appliance" for proactive security and network managment solution. What will it cost you in lost busine$, if your computer network goes down due to a virus attack or security hack?"

Imagine a single device for:
  • Antivirus / Anti-spam Filtering
  • Firewall Protection
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Content Filtering
  • VPN (Site-to-Site & Remote Access)
  • Network Management
  • Device Monitoring
  • Network Reporting
  • Auto VPN Tunnel Provisioning
  • Auto Updates

We are affiliated with , a SNAP VPN certified reseller.

A FREE consultation is just a phone call or email away.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Managing Technology Chaos

So now you have staff PCs attached to an internal network (intranet) that becomes more complicated everyday. Staff can surf the Internet, send email and instant message people to their little heart's content. You have an Internet presence with a web site. You're implementing various software applications for improving productivity, so clients are served more efficiently. Oh, and you have ancillary business partners using your network infrastructure to increase profitability for all organizations. To make things even more chaotic, your organization has several technology vendors providing services and products. Oops, you recently had a security breach on your network which potentially exposed sensitive information. Are you dizzy yet?

Relax. Take a deep breath. Say to yourself, "I love you and this too soon shall pass". This works better than counting to 10.

You are not alone. Many organizations are experiencing this same situation. Using technology to accomplish more with less staff and financial resources is the current mantra for all organizations, including the big boys and girls.

How are the big boys and girls managing technology chaos?
Outsourcing technology has been a proven cost effective solution. In 1994 JP Morgan (now called JPMChase) contracted with IBM to perform a business analysis. The analysis indicated that JP Morgan spent 25% of its operating budget on in-house technology implementation and support [staff]. In 1995 all eyes were on JP Morgan when it established a "pinnacle alliance" to outsource all technology to 5 major technology players. Computer Sciences Corporation was assigned as the lead organization for the other outsourcing partners. The 7 year "pinnacle alliance" experiment proved to be fabulous outsourcing success.

Outsourcing allows an organization to utilize technology to focus on its core mission, without the high expense of information technology staff. This usually requires multiple vendors providing different technology products and services. Learning from the JP Morgan experiment, one "lead" vendor should be tasked with managing all the other technology vendors. The lead vendor is then responsible for reigning in and managing all other entities assosciated with providing technology solutions. The lead vendor will develop procedures and methodologies for managing the entire technology infrastructure. This also creates an efficient single reporting entity to the organization, eliminating finger pointing between vendors, while establishing controls for managing technology chaos.

C.E. Reid
President & CEO